Using a primer can be an essential step in the painting process, but it’s not always necessary.

When to Use Primer

Primer is a base coat that you can use to prepare the surface before applying paint. Primer works to create maximum adhesion of paint. This means that when you paint it is going to last a lot longer.

For surfaces that may absorb a lot of paint, a primer can be used to seal the surface. This will prevent the first coat of paint from absorbing.

It is also smart to use a primer if you’re planning on having an extreme color change.

When to Not Use Primer

If the surface you are painting, either interior or exterior, has been painted before and is in good condition there is no need to use a primer. Good condition means no peeling or chipping has occurred.

Also, the majority of modern quality interior and exterior paints are self-priming. This means just like primer, they are formulated to adhere to the majority of previously painted surfaces without a prime coat.‍

We hope this helped answer any questions you had about primer. If you are interested in have a professional take care of your exterior or interior painting project, contact us today to get a free estimate!