1. What feel do I want?

Step #1: Analyze the Room for Interior Paint Ideas

Hardwood floors, countertops, a fireplace surround, area rugs, and of course furniture. The colors in these items will help determine which paint color families will work best in your room, and help narrow your options.

Additionally, the right paint color for any room should reflect the mood you want to create. Do you want a warm feel or a cool light and airy feel, or maybe a bold look?

Spend a little time searching online tools like Pinterest, magazines, google rooms, or homes and find colors and color combinations that inspire you. Is your eye drawn to darker hues, fresh pastels, or bold primary colors?

2. How can I be sure I picked the right color?

While you may be tempted to use color swatches only to determine which color to use, the best way to test color in different lighting conditions is to buy paint samples from your local store. Natural and artificial light can impact the appearance of color, so viewing it at different times of the day in all lighting conditions is crucial.

I always recommend that people find their favorite 3-4 colors and buy a sample jar for $5 and paint a small area 2ftx2ft area, then put the other colors next to it. Then walk into the room and look at it for a few days. Your eyes will gravitate to one color and not others. If you don’t want to paint on the wall, you can purchase small sheets of clear paper with sticky backs to put on the wall with the colors you paint on them.

This approach helps most people that struggle to picture it in their mind. Also, you take away the worry of picking the wrong color and you’ve only spent $25 in supplies!

3. Can I put a color I like into a different brand of paint?

Yes! Don’t worry about having to try to pick a color from a certain brand. Most colors can be color matched through the computer system. Not all paint covers as well as others. So choosing quality paint makes for a better experience and finished product. That doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive brand. We use different brands for certain types of painting based on the best product for the job.

I hope this article has been helpful to you in deciding how to select the right colors! If you have an interest in taking the step to paint your home contact us for a free estimate!