Let’s walk through the timeframe needed as well as variables that may affect the timeframe for an interior painting project.

Professional interior house painters do a very good job of transforming your home and completing the paint job in a timely manner. However, there are many variables that can affect the timeline of an interior painting project.‍

These interior painting variables include:

    1. Furniture: If you have a lot of furniture that needs to be moved or covered, this will slow the process down.
    2. The condition of the walls: If the walls need a lot of prep and repair work before interior painting, this can take a toll on the time.
    3. The number of rooms you want to be painted: The more rooms the more time required.
    4. If you are wanting doors, baseboards, trims, and ceilings painted in addition to walls, it will take longer.
    5. Every painting company will slightly differ in the amount of time required to finish an interior painting project.
    6. If you are changing colors, it usually requires two coats of paint which add more time.

How long will it take for interior house painters to complete the painting project?

Now that we have looked at some variables that may affect the time required to complete a job, how long will it actually take?‍

  1. The average time it takes to complete an interior painting for a 1500-2000 square foot is about 3-5 days. The more space you have, the longer this process will take.
  2. Larger homes that are multiple stories will take more time. For example, a two-story home that has walls, ceilings, and trim painted can take a couple of weeks to complete.
  3. If you are only having a specific room painted. Depending on how large the room is, it will usually only take a day or two to complete.
  4. The amount of painters the company has is also a good reference to how long a project will take. A room/day per house painter is usually a good estimate.
  5. For the average-sized home, your painting project should be easily completable within a business week.

There is a good balance of speed and quality that should be found with a painting company. We hope you enjoyed this blog. If you want a free estimate for your interior painting project, contact us today!