Resale Value Increase

Realtors will tell you the number one key to getting the most price out of your house is the wow factor.

The wow factor in a home is important because it makes buyers think about how much they’ll enjoy living there. This is reflected in the value of your house. The value of the house goes up each time “wow that’s nice!” pops into their head, and vice versa when it looks like areas of the house need to be updated. When you look at homes, what’s one thing that may catch your eye and capture the attention of potential customers? A beautiful kitchen! The kitchen is an area where we spend most of our time and one of the first rooms guests encounter, so having it up-to-date can bring a nice value increase to your home.

Cabinet painting can really make a difference in your home’s value. A simple coat of paint on cabinets that are in good condition can go a long way. If you have old, outdated kitchen cabinets, painting is a great way to give them new life and make your kitchen look new again.

Reasonable price & Time Needed to Update to a Modern Look

Replacing cabinets on your own will run around $25,000-75,000. This doesn’t include install price or your time to do it. Custom cabinets average much higher at $150,000-300,000. Replacing cabinets also takes months of planning, not having a kitchen to use and finishing things like plumbing, countertops, and electrical. It is very difficult to get the money spent on replacing cabinets back.

Painting a small size kitchen runs around $2,500 and takes one week, while larger kitchens cost around $5,000-7500 and take a few weeks. Extras like large islands, detailed wood trim, open shelves, glass shelves, wine racks, and filling/drilling holes for new hardware add to the price. With our painting process you are able to use your kitchen while they are being painted. Doors are done off site so it allows for your life to function during the process.

‍Durability and Look of Cabinets

The most important question people ask is will it last? Both durability and the look. Let’s talk about durability first.


There are many steps to making sure the durability holds up and looks good. I always tell people painting cabinets is not the same as manufactured painted cabinets. Even the best product can chip or wear. But some products and processes are way better.

We use a 5 step process that consistently produces a quality product. We’ve been using the process and products for over 5 years and complete on average 35 cabinet jobs a year. We’ve painted everything from older oak to brand new cherry and maple cabinets. Less than 5% of our jobs end up requiring a one time touch up. We do leave some of the extra finish coat paint in case an area gets gouged by something metal or scratched by a dog. But the products we use harden very well for everyday use.

Standard in the industry is to not paint the inside or underside of top cabinets. Those areas are not made of real wood and chip or wear more easily due to plates sliding over the surface regularly. The only time we paint the inside of cabinet shelves is if there are glass doors or open shelves for consistency of the look.

Some paint companies spray, others use a brush and roller. We use a product by Sherwin WIlliams called Emerald that has a self leveling feature. We use a brush and roller because it results in a more durable finished product compared to a sprayer. Emerald is top of the line cabinet paint!

The Look

Grain or no grain? This is a big question to ask. Painting cabinets does not get rid of grainy wood. There is a product and process we use that can fill in the grain and smooth out doors, but it is a time intensive process that often doubles the cost of the project due to multiple coats and sanding.

Color is another big decision. Should you go with stark white, off white, gray, or a two tone color on top and bottom? We do all of the above and are able to help in the selection process. Most of it is preference. Some people like fresh, bright white cabinets, while others want to match their trim or have a subtle off white look. Then there are the more bold choices. This would include the islands/bases being a dark color while the tops stay white.

The sheen, how much light is reflected from the surface of the paint, is also important. We usually recommend a satin finish. This has a subtle sheen when light hits it. Flat tends to show all dirt, and semi gloss is often too shiny.

There is a lot of decisions to make when it comes to painting cabinets. Trends come and go but a few things never change. Modern updates always bring life into and increase the value of your home.

I hope this article has been helpful to you! If you have interest in taking the step to paint your cabinets we can help you create the look you want, contact us for a free estimate!